Golden Light Retreats


Golden Light Retreats


We all need a complete break, away from our day-to-day lives, to cleanse, nourish and reconnect with our Body, Mind and Spirit.

In Golden Light Retreats, we aim to provide the setting for you and give you that opportunity to get back in touch with your Self, and awaken your senses through practices and stunning surroundings. Yoga practice, meditation and workshops, are there to help ground you, remind you of your Inner Truth and find your Inner Light.

Our classes are warm and honoring all levels. Whether you are a more experienced yogi or a complete beginner, the classes will be tailored to your experience and we welcome beginners along with a warm heart.

But, this experience is so much more than just a yoga retreat. We aim for you to have a truly wonderful holiday, with ample time to yourself, immersed in mesmerizing panoramas, gastronomy paradises and be exposed to delights for all your senses, making memories for life. And in this time, you will cultivate your freedom, liberate your creative life-force and leave the retreat rejuvenated, transformed, with strong grounding tools you can always come back to, after you return home to your base.

Our 2018 retreats are over, you can see have a small taste of them over here:

For Santorini Yoga Retreat, June 2018 Press Here

For Rhodes Yoga Retreat, August 2018 Press Here


Stay tuned for more retreats in beautiful places coming soon.


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“You are Yoga. You are Light.”