Ancient Greek Meditation


Ancient Greek Meditation

Contrary to popular perception, meditation was not only an invention of the East, but of the ancient West as well. This modality of meditation will include unique and different for each session meditations, based on ancient Greek techniques. These guided meditations are based on the 4 cardinal virtues according to the Ancient Greek Stoics:

  • courage
  • equanimity
  • self-control
  • wisdom

Some of the meditation genres are:

Hierocles Circle– This Pythagorean technique involves visualizing circles that enclose feelings of love and caring first starting from one’s self, then enveloping family members and friends, gradually expanding the circles outwards towards all people in one’s city, state, country, continent and finally the whole world, eventually “pulling” all people together treating them as if they were a single loved entity.

Stoic Meditation, the principles of which are: Métis – Stillness of mind and body as one. Hesychía – Silence; withdrawal of focus from the external world and focusing on inward, on the divine. And finally Henósis- Union; Héna is the Greek word for “one”. Henosis is a practice of “one-pointed awareness” or single minded focus, leading up to what it literally meant, “unitary consciousness”.



During Ancient Greek meditation classes, we will devote the first 15 minutes to discuss (“Meléti”) a relevant philosophic notion, such as one of the Delphi Maxims, the Golden Verses of Pythagoras, or other aphorisms from Sages and spiritual teachers of the Ancient Greek or Roman era, portraying values and ideas for contemplation. The Ancient Greeks valued the practice of contemplation which then leads to effortless greater understanding: “the act of experiencing or observing and then comprehending through consciousness.” During the rest of the class, we will meditate using techniques once used throughout eras of the Ancient World under Elli’s guidance. The ultimate aim of the meditation is to unite our individual awareness with the cosmic consciousness, which holds the whole universe in its awareness, the same way you hold mental images in yours.




Ancient Greek Meditation Classes | please enquire for private individual/group class options


“Lasting happiness and peace come to those who have gained the true wealth of divine understanding. The Divine isn’t something you can see with your eyes or hold in your hands, it doesn’t have a face or feet or gender, but is pure consciousness which extends throughout the entire cosmos… Divine Being is without beginning or end; it is nothing but consciousness in any direction, and eternally rejoices in the encircling silence.” – Empedocles, 5th century BC